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Indianapolis attorney Curtis E. Shirley represents individuals and families involved in conflicts about an inheritance or a family business. When a family member passes away, Mr. Shirley can help you find out what is going on. If Wills or Trusts were changed at the last minute, or different than what you expected, Mr. Shirley can help you find out why.

Attorneys and clients often ask Mr. Shirley for advice on complicated matters, or where the amounts in controversy are significant. Even if you have an attorney, Mr. Shirley can help with a second opinion.


Indiana is Home. America his Courtroom.


Mr. Shirley has an office in the heart of downtown Indianapolis on the 17th floor of the prestigious Gold Building. He frequently travels all over the State of Indiana to represent clients, and has appeared in nearly every county in Indiana. Mr. Shirley also travels to other States where local attorneys request his involvement.

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